• Is Your Voice Telling on You?

Is Your Voice Telling on You?

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  • Autor: BOONE
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Autor(a) Daniel R. Boone
ISBN 9781597568012
Código de Barras 9781597568012
Edição / Ano 3/2016
Número de Páginas 211
Dimensões 23x15x1
Is Your Voice Telling on You? How to Find and Use Your Natural Voice, Third Edition is designed to help the reader find and use his or her natural voice and appreciate the effect of emotions on voice. It is also a useful tool for both vocal coaches and speech-language pathologists who work with patients with voice disorders. The reader will find that some emotions heard in our voices, such as anger or fear, can be reduced or eliminated by making some simple vocal changes.

Chapter 1. Is Your Voice Telling on You?

Chapter 2. Basic Mechanisms Needed for a Normal Voice

Chapter 3. Enemies of a Natural Voice

Chapter 4. You and Your Natural Voice

Chapter 5. To Breathe or Not to Breathe

Chapter 6. Loud Enough or Too Loud?

Chapter 7. The Well-Aimed Pitch

Chapter 8. Is Your Voice in Focus?

Chapter 9. Talking Through Your Nose

Chapter 10. Your Emotions and Your Voice

Chapter 11. Stage Fright and Related Fears

Chapter 12. Your Voice on Phones and Other Electronic Gadgetry

Chapter 13. The Female Voice

Chapter 14. The Male Voice

Chapter 15. Ten Steps for Keeping Your Natural Voice

Chapter 16. Professional Help for Voice Problems

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