• Modern Hearing Aids

Modern Hearing Aids

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Autor(a) MUELLER
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Edição / Ano 1/2014
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Modern Hearing Aids: Pre-Fitting Testing and Selection Considerations is the first title in a three-volume series. The books, authored by three leading experts, can be used as a professional reference or introductory level textbook.

The books are organized in chronological order, and thus this first book focuses on when the patients walk in the door, and ends when they complete their post-fitting self-assessment surveys. The authors discuss the initial patient history and counseling, and a wide range of measures that can be used to determine patient needs. They have included numerous pre-fitting tests that can be conducted along with step-by-step protocols for their administration and scoring. They also review the selection of hearing aid styles and fitting arrangements, explain the process of obtaining an ear impression, and making critical decisions regarding earmolds and hearing aid plumbing.

Key Features

  • Included throughout the texts are short paragraphs identified as "Technical Tips", "Key Concepts", "Things To Remember", "Points to Ponder", and "On the Soapbox".
  • Interesting tidbits of information not quite relevant enough to include in the chapters, but yet too good to toss aside, are featured in the back of the book as "Endnotes".
  • Infused with humor!
  • Written in an accessible and easy-to-ready style to be welcoming to university faculty and their students by including not just reference information, but tools supported by research and clinical experience, presented in a way that was accessible to clinical students with little experience in the field.
  • A handy companion for busy clinicians--a friendly resource where they can quickly find critical information needed for the next patient.
  • Contains enough depth that even the serious hearing aid researcher would also find many pearls.


Chapter 1: The Audiologist and Hearing Aid Provision
Chapter 2: Understanding the Hearing Aid Candidate
Chapter 3: Speech Acoustics
Chapter 4: Pre-Fitting Tests Using Frequency-Specific Measures
Chapter 5: Speech Recognition Measures
Chapter 6: Self-Assessment Scales for Pre-Fitting Testing
Chapter 7: Hearing Aid Style and Fitting Applications
Chapter 8: Ear Impressions, Ear Molds and Associated Plumbing

End Notes

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